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In the October 2015 edition of The CORRECTIVE CHIROPRACTIC Update, we touched on the difference between patching symptoms and fixing the underlying cause when dealing with a health issue.  (Click here to read the online version)

The human body is an impressive, sophisticated, and dynamic ‘machine’ capable of automatically adapting and responding to various health challenges, without us realising most of the time.

However, whenever the body is overwhelmed by damage/injury/stress and can no longer adapt sufficiently, SYMPTOMS (e.g. pain, numbness, weakness, etc.) may be felt by the individual. Symptoms are the body’s way of signalling to the individual that it needs external help.

When you experience symptoms and decide to do something about it, you have 2 choices: (1) you either choose to treat the symptoms, or (2) you can choose to correct the underlying cause. Treating symptoms is akin to temporarily applying a PATCH to the problem, whereas correcting the UNDERLYING CAUSE is a long-term FIX for the problem.

During the first day of CORRECTIVE CHIROPRACTIC’s operation, a middle-aged female patient presented to us with severe neck pain and arm weakness of 2 years’ duration. One of the spinal segments in her neck had lost its optimal alignment and normal range of movement. This resulted in excessive stress & tension on the surrounding nerves in charge of the neck region and the arms. During those 2 years, she was managing the SYMPTOMS by taking medication. As the problem progressed and got worse, she had to increase her medication’s dosage and also had to resort to stronger drugs. It got so bad that her medical doctor decided to schedule her to undergo spinal surgery on her neck. After less than 2 months of chiropractic treatment at CORRECTIVE CHIROPRACTIC to correct the abnormal alignment and movement (UNDERLYING CAUSE), she is almost pain-free and spinal surgery is no longer necessary.


At CORRECTIVE CHIROPRACTIC, our goal is to help our patients FIX the UNDERLYING CAUSE.

A new edition of The CORRECTIVE CHIROPRACTIC Update will be available soon. We look forward to sharing more health information and articles with you.

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Ricky Lau

Principal Doctor of Chiropractic at Corrective Chiropractic, Kota Kemuning

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