STEP 1 – Private Consultation

Schedule a complimentary Private Consultation with the chiropractor. The consultation is a friendly conversation, which allows the chiropractor to understand your health concerns. You will also get learn more about our practice and our unique approach. The consultation is not a commitment to an examination or treatment.


STEP 2 – Examination

When you are ready to proceed, we will schedule a Specific Segmental Corrective Chiropractic Examination. The examination may be performed on the same day as the consultation, or it may also be scheduled for a later time. You may be referred for imaging studies (X-ray, MRI, etc.) as part of the examination protocol.


STEP 3 – Conference & Adjustment

After the examination, we will schedule a Patient Recommendation Conference (usually on another day; or later in the day for special cases). This is where we will review the examination findings in detail and explain how we can help. You will also receive your first Specific Segmental Corrective Chiropractic Adjustment.